Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mr. Skin is a Thriving Website; Mrs. Skin is a Barely-There Wordpress Blog. What’s Up With That?

Last week, I asked the same question that someone else posed two years ago on yahoo answers. “Is there a female version of Mr. Skin?”

If you don’t know, Mr. Skin (the original and male-audience-focused supersite) is the self-acclaimed “world’s foremost authority on celebrity nudity.” The site’s main purpose is to let you know at exactly what moment female celebrities are nude in movies and television shows. Helping men fast-forwarding to the good parts is their forte. The website was made even more famous after being referenced in the blockbuster comedy “Knocked Up.”

Witness the female’s answer: Mrs. Skin: A Celebration of the Female Gaze. This wordpress blog has existed since April 2008 (but not updated since September 2009) and features about 35 photos of some male celebrities, most shirtless, others just partially suggestive. (No offense intended to the blog owner, but there aren’t many). It’s the only near-equivalent to Mr. Skin that I could find.

It makes me wonder: why is it that Mr. Skin is a thriving website and Mrs. Skin is a barely-there wordpress blog?

Is it that women are unmotivated and incapable of creating such a resource? Uh, no!

Is it that there aren’t enough examples of male celebrities showing their goodies in film? Possibly. I can only think of a handful. Even Mrs. Skin couldn’t find many photos.

Perhaps it’s reasonable to assume that a female version of Mr. Skin that focuses only on providing the moments a man provides a full frontal or an ass shot would not be lucrative enough for a primarily female audience.

My guess is it’s because women aren’t as motivated as men are by full frontals. The popularity of daytime soap operas (which have significant limits on what they can show and allude to) suggest that it isn’t just about the skin for women. Get our minds involved to get the juices flowing!

Well maybe such a resource does exist and I can’t seem to find it. (After all, a “Mrs. Skin” reference may be copyright infringement…)

If someone does create a female-oriented Mr. Skin equivalent, let me know. And how about a shout out to V Moore!


  1. isn't this just another example of the inherent difference between men and women's sexual interest? there has to be a huge body of literature on men's preference for visual stimulation...

  2. Absolutely. A study appearing in 1990 in The Journal of Sex Research called “Sex differences in sexual fantasy: An evolutionary psychological approach” describes these findings. Granted, these findings are only generalizable to a subset of people, considering that it doesn’t take into consideration generation, culture or region.

    “The nature and frequency of men's and women's sexual fantasies were investigated by surveying 307 students (182 females, 125 males) at a California state university or junior college via a paper-and-pencil questionnaire. The questionnnaire was inspired by modern evolutionary theory and was designed to investigate sex differences in sexual fantasies. Substantial sex differences were found in the salience of visual images, touching, context, personalization, emotion, partner variety, partner response, fantasizer response, and inward versus outward focus. These data, the scientific literature on sexual fantasy, the historically-stable contrasts between male-oriented pornography and female-oriented romance novels, the ethnographic record of human sexuality, and the ineluctable implications of an evolutionary perspective on our species, taken together, imply the existence of profound sex differences in sexual psychologies.”

  3. Have you tried The Celebrity Nudity Database has listings and ratings of best nudity of both men and women, and by movie. It doesn't have photos or video though, so you have to xref with google image search to get anything good.